Phil Bobrow


I shoot a wide variety of subjects most known for his  breathtaking landscapes of the American West and New  England.            

Over 1200 images have been published/appeared in wide array of publications such as Southwest Art, Sierra, Wyoming Wildlife, Photographer’s Forum’s 1985 and 1992 Best of Photograph annuals, Vermont Magazine, Vermont Life Publications as well as many others.

I reside in a beautiful river valley on the eastern slope of the Green Mountains in Vermont.

American Photo Art Gallery


Ember Photography


Photography to us is a wonderful means of sharing the countless beautiful moments we stumble upon throughout life. With our fine-art work, we focus primarily on dynamic scenic and abstract land-, sea- and sky-scapes. We capture 100% of our images digitally, and strive to create printed photographs that accurately reflect what we witnessed with our own eyes. 

Brian Mohr & Emily Johnson 

Ember Photography

Michael Farnsworth

As a native Vermonter, Michael Farnsworth has always felt a strong connection to nature. Growing up in Shelburne, Vermont he often went on hiking excursions, and trips to national parks with his family. The time outdoors cultivated his love of photography and painting landscapes, and eventually prompted Michael to earn his photography degree from Briarcliffe College in New York. He has been exhibiting his artwork successfully since 1999. Now as a resident of Stowe, Vermont, Michael continues to spend time outdoors, meditating on the scenic beauty around him, and transforming the beautiful landscapes before him into visual quilts and paintings.

Michael's passion is for the places we live in and the mark we leave on the land. He strives to help people see the importance of place and the gift of living within such a beautiful world. Whether you live in a city loft in New York City, or in a quiet country retreat in Stowe, Michael's artwork calls you home to nature. 

Michael Farnsworth

John David Geery


John's photographs are a collection of Vermont landscape photographs taken over the last three decades.

John David Geery

CJ Hockett

The focus of my photography is creating iconic images of wildlife that stimulate ones imagination resulting in an increased awareness and a sense of responsibility for our wildlife and their habitat.

As a visual artist, photographer, and print maker I strive to reduce nature to its most basic elements to produce images with a degree of abstract realism. I travel internationally to photograph wild birds and mammals. Field photography has taken me throughout the United States, Japan, Canada and the Falkland Islands with recent emphasis on Vermont, greater New England, Quebec, and Newfoundland.

I specialize in Metal Prints which are created by infusing special dyes into the polymer emulsion coating on the surface of aluminium sheets. The process is dye-sublimination transfer.

I am a retired Naval Aviator and Physician (MD). I reside with my wife, children, and grandchildren in Burlington, VT.

CJ Hocket

Jerome Milks

I am a landscape/nature photographer who lives in Waltham, Vermont, a small township near the center of the Champlain Valley. Waltham is flanked by the spine of the Green Mountains to the east and the High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks to the west. Their panoramic ridge lines, accompanied by the numerous streams and rivers which flow from their summits to the Lake Champlain Basin provide for spectacular imaging opportunities.

 I am particularly attracted to those times of the day that provide the most dramatic lighting conditions, usually occurring around sunrise and sunset. These moments provide intense and highly saturated colors and occasions for sharp contrast and vividness. Though these conditions are usually unpredictable and fleeting, they can produce occurrences when the ordinary is morphed into the extraordinary. 

Hopefully these photos will encourage folks to reconnect with this amazing natural world which just lies on the other side of our windows.  

Jon Olsen


 I have always been an amateur naturalist and a student of the visual arts. I enjoy exploring the landscape and its many components. I find the variations in light, form, texture and color fascinating, with endless possibilities for study and observation. I am generally drawn toward the pastoral and simplicity in design.
         Over the years I have explored many different forms of photography: black and white, color, different formats, films and printing processes. In the last several years I have made the transition to a process of digital recording, processing and printing. This current set-up allows me the greatest creative control over all aspects of my workflow from conception to final print. A desktop processing system replaces the wet darkroom, but the workflow is much the same: determining exposure, contrast, color temperature, dodging and burning, etc. I use a watercolor paper coated to receive the pigment inks of an Epson printer. These two combine for the best print quality that I have ever been able to achieve, and a highly stable archival print, more so than  could be attained with traditional color print processes.
           I have a studio at my home in Norwich, Vermont, where I make original prints of my work, which have been exhibited and sold through various galleries since 1983. 

Jon Olsen Photography

Roarke Sharlow

Roarke has been an avid photographer since 1984. While attending the State University College at Buffalo, NY, he studied photography as part of his requirements for the B.S. in Art Education. Working under the direction of Les Krims he developed the skills of photographic printing and imaging. Upon graduation he took a position teaching art and photography in western New York until moving to Warren, VT to devote time on fine-art photography, His continuing pursuit of photography led to his participation in workshops with Brian Lav, a distinguished contemporary photographer, and with Jane Tuckerman, nationally recognized for her alternative photographic techniques.

Roarke resides in Warren, VT.

 Julie Parker

These images start with a photograph that I use as my base canvas.  It is from here that I diverge from reality and build an image that enhances the nuances of light, color and graphic form.  I often take a pointillistic approach, applying color at the pixel level, thinking of the whole process as Digital Painting. 

At the University of Vermont, with both Physics and Art majors, I studied holography and the physics of light and color as well as photography.  My graduate work was done with the Spatial Imaging Group at the Media Laboratory at MIT in Cambridge Massachusettes.  The MIT Media Lab has a long history of bringing together the disciplines of Art and Science to further the development of new technologies. While at MIT, I studied three-dimensional imaging including computer generated holography and computer graphics.  Our research group applied knowledge of holography to support the fields of Industrial Computer Aided Design and Scientific Data Visualization.

In 1989 I left MIT to start a family and set up a business in Vermont to produce holograms for a variety of commercial and artistic applications.  I also continued my explorations in photography. 

My holographic and photographic artwork has shown in numerous locations in the US, Japan, Canada and Europe over the last twenty years. 


Amalia Veralli

Often when photographing a flower, I’m aware of being transported to another realm in which my heart opens more fully to the heart of God. My passion is to portray the otherworldly beauty of creation in my photographs and share that experience with others.

Observing the amazing intricacy of flowers requires time we don’t often take. But doing so can open one’s soul in celebration. It can awaken in us the beauty that is an important part of our own innermost spirit, our true nature. It can reveal the divine mystery and wisdom that mirrors hope and goodness in our world.

It leads to transformation.

 Amalia Veralli Photography

Hans von Briesen